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Thirty (30) years participating in high scale institutional projects have granted us experience and development not only in the construction aspects, but also in the areas of logistics and planning of equipment and materials on site.

The mega projects we take on are all strategically built in the most beautiful Caribbean islands. Although they are clearly the ideal location for these amazing getaways, these locations face us with the challenge of a lack of necessary supply available locally. This obstacle has forced us to generate a demanding business model which consist of an orderly planning of buying and acquiring all necessary supply in the pre production phase, the ground and marine transport of said supplies, and the strategic placement of human resources to facilitate the successful completion of projects in a profitable and unobstructed manner no matter how far or uncharted the jobsite may be.


As a result we continue innovating and finding alternative methods that can maximize economical and environmental benefits while maintaining the highest possible quality, favoring the client and us equally.

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