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How we implement

our Services.

At the beginning of every project or development we work on, we immerse ourselves completely in the necessities for given project. During this time we identify every possible aspect that can benefit from innovative construction technologies. Maximizing quality, speed, and cleanliness of the project, while at the same time promising improvement in profitability and environmental consciousness.


We then execute the project with a proactive planning of the job with the goal of boosting optimization. This is accomplished by finding the perfect balance of man-hours and areas of attention. This way we can guarantee that there will always be the right amount of workers at every given moment, even in unusual situations.


This planning is the byproduct of the essence of this company, a need to maximize resources and programming. An essence, which is apparent in every aspect of every job we accomplish.


Thirty years working abroad with the most demanding construction of the world has allowed us to validate our business model again and again, during which we have worked with the top and most demanding construction companies in the world, with each growing and supporting one another mutually for the years to come.

Our Services

Labor Leasing

  • We offer the leasing of an experienced and qualified work force, in the case of projects located in countries where this is not available, or is too expensive.


  • Acoustic ceilings.

  • Drywall

  • Construction of complex forms and structures with low caliber steel and drywall

  • Stucco.

  • Personalized finishes, marbleized, brushed, metallic, etc.


  • Assistance in design

  • Budgeting

  • Value Engineering

  • In-house architectural services

  • Development of blueprints and construction details

  • Synchronization and coordination between Client, architect, and constructor

  • 3D Modeling and presentations.

  • Design and development of sustainable construction systems.


  • Sculpturing and ornamentation.

  • Characterized plastering.



  • Experts in implementation of EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finishing System) in new projects, or the restoration of existing façades.

  • Structural LSF (Light steel framing) and sheathing for exterior facades.

  • Exterior closure plates: DenseGlas, DuraTek, eterboard, hardyboard, aquatough, etc.

  • Special plaster designs according to function, appearance, and budget.

  • Exterior finishes, brushed, metallic, acrylic textures, etc.


  • Bathrooms, prefabricated modules for hospitals and hotels.

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